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Introducing our version of a starter kit, made by artists for aspiring artists everything included will be all you need to start tattooing out the box. Features the powerful Javelin spear with 4.5 watts motor combined with the versatility of the javelin matrix portable power supply. This configuration is completely wireless and gives the user the freedom to create art wherever and whenever he or she chooses. This kit combines  training supplies to learn your equipment, the Holy Flash Design CD, and all the hardware necassary to learn the trade.

Stocked with a variety of goodies to get you started on your tattoo journey.

This kit includes 

-Javelin Spear wireless tattoo pen

-Javelin Matrix Portable 2000 mAh Power Supply

-Charging Cords

-Flat Base Ink caps

-5x Universal Liner Cartridges

-5x Universal Shader Cartridges

-1x Sombra Black Ink

-1x Sombra Cleaning Solution

-1x Sombra Stencil Solution

-1x Roll of Grip Tape

-1x Solid Ink Pack of two

-2x Sheets of A4 Spirit Stencil Paper

-1x Chris Garver Ink

-1x Sample pack of Inkeez Green Glide

-2x Cheyenne Cartridges (1 Liner and 1 Mag)

-Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101

-Holy Flash Design CD

Por Vida Tattoo Starter Kit