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Hive Cups™️ are a new and expedient way to organize and optimize your tattoo setup, created by the innovators who brought you Hive Caps®️. These cups are stably designed with a low depth (~1.5”) and broad width (~3”) to ensure balance during procedures. They come equipped with Hive Cups™️ lids, which are specially designed to hold your cartridge needles and keep the tips submerged to prevent them from drying. These lids are compatible with most standard cartridge needles available on the market and have five slots for holding up to five cartridges at a time. These stable Hive Cups™️ with cartridge-holding lids are the ideal way to prevent your cartridges from rolling, dropping, or becoming unorganized during procedures. This listing is for one bag of 50 Hive Cups™️ and one bag of 50 Hive Cup lids, making for a total of 100 pieces.

Please Note: Different cartridge needles may fit slightly differently into Hive Cup lids based on the circumference of the cartridge.

Hive Cups — 50 Rinse Cups and 50 Cartridge Holder Lids