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A new book by the infamous El Chimu, complete with its iconic and distinctive style. This book is densely packed with the twenty distinct signs of the Tonalpohualli, which translates from Nahuatl as "the count of days." The Tonalpohualli is a 260-day count schedule divided into twenty thirteen-day periods. The knowledge and symbols in this book are considered sacred by the ancient Aztecs (better known as the Mexica) and their descendants. The book is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Each symbol is represented by a transparent line drawing, a detailed explanation, and a perforated sheet of flash behind the line drawing that can be detached or left in the book. The crocodile, wind, house, lizard, snake, death, deer, rabbit, water, dog, monkey, grass, reed, ocelot, eagle, vulture, movement, flint knife, rain, and flower are all considered sacred signs.

El Chimu - The Sacred Tonalpohualli