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Addictive Ink Gear was born out of necessity. With 26 years of Tattooing and touring experience under his belt including teaching numerous seminars around the world. David Martinez(Tattooing since 1991) set out on this venture in mid 2017  because he couldn’t find a cartridge that fit his standards. The result was having his own put into production.

We put these needles through everyday tattooing situations for over a year before we made them available to the public.

We wanted to make sure they would stand up to real world tattooing.

As of now we have 30 needle configurations with plans to add more if needed. Everything we sell, David and Co. use personally every week. He wanted to keep this as simple as possible. Make what your gonna use, not as many groupings as you can think of.

- Made with 316L surgical Stainless Steel Needles out of Japan for strength and sharpness.

- Made with Medical Grade Plastics and Silicon 

- Sealed with a safety Diaphragm for obvious safety reasons. 

-Their medical grade silicon is made of a softer less stiff silicon than other cartridge systems for less resistance on your machine, meaning less wear on your machine ,and able to be used in situation where other stiffer cartridges can't be used.

- The Needle configurations are perfectly fit to the  tips for better stabilization to minimize the vibration of the needles and the curve of the tube tip fits the curve of the needle grouping.

-100% sterilized by E.O. Gas. 

-Sold in boxes of 20

More products are being developed and are under way. Hopefully to be launched in the near future.

Thank you for shopping with us !  

We appreciate you and God Bless


Addictive Ink Cartridge Needles - Bugpin Round Liners